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Er ist der HERR, unser Gott; er richtet in aller Welt. Psalm 105,7 Werbeanzeigen



there is nothing in the world that can trouble you more than your own thoughts


when you are not sure – flip a coin – because while the coin is in the air – you realize which one you are actually hoping for

Travelling enriches your life

about the people who make the difference

Who is Vera Vis?

Work In Progress...

Thinking Chitalia

As opposed to a “not thinking chitalia”

Neverending Stories Quotes

Feelings that i blend became the story which has no end


My chatter, No matter.




Meine Zeichnungen mit Texten

Mit Worten Gedanken horten

Staubfilter der Zeit

Claudias Helsinki

Helsinki, Fin(n)land, Lap(p)land, Tourist Guide, Suomenlinna, Cruise lecturer

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